By Professional Photographer And Cinematographer William Apollo.

The Wizard Niloc

We worked with Niloc in Philadelphia and created a music video / short film and several really great photo/images. Always a pleasure to work with an artist and develop a shared vision!

Sunrise / Sunset

Of course we do product photography, portraits, publicity photos, etc... but maybe the best way to get to know us is to see how we see the world.

Promotional Photography

Apollo Creative Studio specializes in images to help you promote yourself and your business. Whether you are a paranormal investigator, a psychic advisor, an holistic healer, a burlesque performer, a dancer, actor, entertainer... we love to work with you to create the perfect images for your portfolio. We do not produce pornographic content, but we love the erotic arts and everyone who expresses themselves by baring their souls, their minds or their bodies.

Photography is the fine art of creating images that capture a moment, reveal an emotion, spur the imagination or expose with time the things we can not see with our eyes. William Apollo is known for his time lapse photography and a style of lighting he calls, "Painting With Light." It is a trade secret, so we won't tell you how he does it here, but you will never forget the experience!

Erotic Portraits

We are always as discreet as we are adventurous. And we love adventurous couples and singles who wish to explore their sensuality with us by creating a beautifully lit and warmly comfortable setting for them to reveal their passions and explore their beauty. To us, everyone is beautiful as long as they are kind and sincere, qualities in which we pride our selves.

Image Retouching

Perhaps you have images you love for one reason... but not necessarily another. We can work miracles with Photoshop. Not only can we can fix lighting issues, we can create new lighting arrangements on an existing photo for dramatic effect, highlighting certain features, etc. We can also be your professional makeup artist after the photo is taken. Our techniques are derived from years of training and experience both in retouching and in photography.

The Kitten Show

We had the privilege to photograph and video record this live show in Philadelphia called, The Kitten Show produced by The Cabaret Administration. After the show we edited the video and created a DVD with elegant navigation menus to show the videos and animated slideshows of the photography. We made a copy for each of the performers and the producer has the master to make copies for her customers.